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2005 nissan frontier - transmission fluid

i checked with nissan dealer and they informed me that this vehicle use Nissan J Fluid. It is $11 per quart. then, i checked with local pepboys. they showed me castrol international and the description told me that it is good for Nissan J fluid as well as M fluid as well as anohter dozen of import cars (honda, etc). the cost is only $4 per quart. Is it save to use Castrol International ?


The answer is in your owner’s manual. Follow whatever it says in the owner’s manual.

Castrol Multivehicle Import Fluid says it meets Nissan J-Matic fluid standard. Problem with owner’s manual is that it quotes the manufacturer’s fluid name, and sometimes a standard that must be met. That makes it harder to determine if an aftermarket fluid is correct for the car (by marketing and manual layout design, I suspect). Bottom line is that Castrol says the fluid I mention meets the Nissan J standard.

I could not find “Castrol International” on the US Castrol website, but believe you mean the Multivehicle Import fluid. Make sure you get the right stuff.

Thanks much.