Two transmission questions to experts

  1. I’ve used Castrol’s new import trans fluid in my 2005 camry (about 3 changes in the last 30K) even though toyota recommends T-IV fluid. I have a honda accord and you know that just about everyone says use the honda fluid (ATF-Z1) or the trans will act up and the seals will dissolve etc… At $25 now for 3 qts of honda fluid, I can put the castrol in for 1/2 that price. My toyota runs fine. Has anyone used castrol import trans fluid in their honda (any model) and not had any issues?? I can’t imagine castrol would sell fluid and it ruin the trans.

    2) I’m trying to change my trans filter on my 2005 camry. There are two nuts behind the A frame and I can’t get a ratchet/extension on them. I’ve tried my open/closed end wrench but the angle of it is too little and it’s not wide enough as the pan lip prevents me from getting the wrench on the nut complete. I believe there are wrenches for sale that are wider or thicker and angled more to get to the nut. There isn’t much room on both nuts to move the wrench either. Is there anything else or are there wrenches to remove those two darn nuts??? I know there is a way to do it as the dealer and auto shops must know/have the tools to do it. Why don’t they put a hole in the A frame to push an extension socket through??? thanks for your help in both questions.

steller also,wow you got it all figured out,so why would you get any response?

I can’t imagine castrol would sell fluid and it ruin the trans.

Different transmission fluids are formulated to behave differently in different transmission designs. I don’t know if it still holds true, but once upon a time you had to be careful not to put ATF intended for a Ford into a GM and vice-versa. One was designed to allow a lot of slippage for smooth shifts, while the other made the bands grab aggressively, or something like that. Putting the “wrong” fluid in your tranny may do almost anything over time up to and including major damage. Auto manufacturers are going to spec ATF with certain characteristics… if you really know what you’re doing, you may be able to find another (cheaper) fluid with similar behavior, but it’s easy to get it wrong. You may not necessarily have to use Honda brand fluid, but you’d better understand whether the Castrol is more or less equivalent.

look in your owners manual. it will specify which fluid to use. the numbers in the specification are definite quality and api numbers which MUST match what you put into your transmission.

it sounds like your two cars use different oil. check both, it would be a shame to use one fluid in both if each tranny calls for different fluid and you ruin both transmissions.