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Power Steering Fluid

Is it customary for Nissan service dept. (I have 2006) to substitute transmission fluid for power steering fluid?

Transmission fluid is probably recommended. Both AT & PS fluids are hydraulic fluids and not much different from each other.

I drive a Ford. If you buy a quart of Motorcraft transmission fluid it says “Automatic transmission and power steering fluid” - b/c you put the same stuff on both places.

You Owners Manual should specify.

My Honda used Honda PS fluid.
My Toyota uses Dexron trans fluid.

The manual says use Genuine Nissan PSF. The service department at the local Nissan dealer said they use transmission fluid. We just don’t want to mess up our car. And we have to drive 15 miles to the dealership to buy the stuff.

Yes…its what is commonly used as PSF… It happens to be the only place to be able to use ATF other than the tranny. No other fluids are interchangeable

Hondas have always specified using HONDA PSF…I have been using ATF in my Hondas for a very very long time…no probs. I dont know why they specify it actually.

If you want to have Genuine Nissan PSF you can order such things from online suppliers rather than driving to the dealer. The price will probably be greatly discounted so with shipping you’ll probably pay about the same or maybe less. But it shows up at your door.

Thank y’all very much!

The localNissan dealer does not even stock the Nissan PSF. They use trnasmission fluid, since that is what it really is anyway. I tried to buy some and was given a quart of transmission fluid with their blessing!

My son has an 06 Sentra. The specified fluid is Dexron III. He has the factory service manuals (all 6 volumes) and that is what is specified.

So, we had to have some routine maintenance done on the Sentra today and we found out why the PSF was low–there is a slow leak in the power steering rack. We were told that they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. We were quoted about $695 (by Nissan service dept.) for the replacement. This sounds like a lot to me. Is it possible to put some sort of stop leak in the reservoir to contain the leak?

My son’s 06 Sentra had a problem with the power steering too. It turned out to be the return hose. They charged him about $200 to replace it.

Shop around for a good independent repair shop.
No need to go to the dealer with an out of warranty car for a routine repair.

Frankly, $695 from a dealer isn’t bad. Steering racks are expensive and the removal & installation is anything but easy & quick.

You should absolutely get a 2nd opinion on the leak & its location. If it is the rack then the only way to fix it is to replace the rack.

However - you say a “slow” leak. How slow is slow? Slow leaks can be limped along quite well for a long time with this:

That is not a “repair” - its just fairly thick & sticky so it slows or stops smallish leaks, at least temporarily. Ask yourself what your long term plans are for the car.