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Wrong transmission fluid

Tire Kingdom used substitute transmission fluid. nissan says you must use CVT NS-II, no substitue. tranny must be replaced. nissan says it will not honor because wrong fluid. who is right and responsible for repair?

What exactly was the substitute fluid? And are you saying that your transmission has now failed? If so, how many miles since the incorrect fluid was installed?

its been 4 months and 5000 miles ago. car now has 55K on it. in the manual, it says only to inspect. however, wife was told on 3 may she should have it replaced and did so on 26 may. TK says if it was wrong fluid it would have failed by now. i found valvoline fluid that says for use in nissan cvt ns-II, exactly what nissan calls for.

This is a CVT? It absolutely has to have the correct fluid in it. If it has been damaged, TK should pay, but good luck on that!

I hope that you immediately had the transmission drained and refilled with the correct fluid when the error was made known to you.

Has the transmission completely failed, and the car is no longer drivable?
If yes, you are already too late.

If the car is just starting to slip, then here’s what you can try to do:

Go buy the Nissan fluid, enough for 2 full transmission fluid changes.
Have it changed, and if the car can drive, drive it for a week, and then change it again, and drive it for another week.

If it still is causing you trouble, then take it to a DIFFERENT Nissan dealer, and tell them you are having issues with it.

Yes, for Nissan’s CVT transmissions, you MUST ONLY use the Nissan Fluid.
I wouldn’t even trust the Valvoline stuff that says it’s compatible, unless you can get a letter from Valvoline stating that they are Nissan’s CVT fluid supplier.


CVT is whole different mechanism than an standard automatic transmission. It needs a very different kind of fluid.

Has the transmission failed? Is it still working? Working normally? Or, working but jerky and/or noisey?

Did you find the Valvoline fluid spec cvt ns-II at TK and is that what they put in the transmission? Or, did you find the Valvoline spce cvt ns-II at an auto parts store and you plan to put that in the car now?

The post and answers are confusing. If the trans is working take BladeCutter’s advice. Get is changed by Nissan using Nissan fluid. If you use the Valvoline fluid you are taking a risk. If TK put in a fluid meant for a normal automatic transmission, stop driving the car immediately and get that fluid out of the trans.

If it is too late and the trans is shot, get a new one and always use Nissan’s Fluid. Then take the bill to a lawyer and sue TK if they don’t replace the trans at their expense.

 At the least, you will be learning a big lesson.  Always look at the owner's manual first.  

 I would also suggest limiting the tyre store to tyres, not transmissions.  

 You will likely be far better off if you can find a local INDEPENDENT shop for future maintenance.  Ask your friends and neighbors for some recommendations.

There are a great many “gear heads” that I run across from day to day who are clueless as to what a CVT transmission is. But then, I recall that the 3rd barrel on Honda CVCC engines and the non adjustable timing on Jeep engines went over the heads of many. It’s a jungle full of pit falls and predators and nincompoops for the motoring public. And like a stuck record I just keep recommending that motorists find a good local independent shop and develop a good relationship with them.

I’d have the fluid replaced again ASAP with Nissan’s prescribed fluid. I’m even wary of the idea of a Valvoline fluid that says it is ok for use in substitution.

If it were a car like my old Taurus or my Camry, which calls for Dexron III / Mercon or some similar common bulk fluid, then I’m ok with using a Valvoline Dexron III / Mercon fluid rather than the Ford-labeled or Toyota-labeled stuff.

On the other hand, my Mazda6 uses M-V fluid. NOT Mercon V, like some people believe. I would only use M-V or Ford FNR5 fluid (which is the same fluid, as the FNR5 is the Ford designation for this same transmission). No Mercon V or even Amsoil ATF, which they claim is compatible. The $15 savings in transmission fluid would get eaten up VERY fast by a failed transmission.

That’s also why I would NEVER have a quickie lube place change my transmission fluid - there are too many different specs, and I only trust myself or the dealership to get it right - I don’t even trust an independent mechanic, as they usually don’t stock all the numerous different fluids, but try to do things like use Amsoil’s “universal” fluid.