2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee fog lights not working, windshield fluid pumps not working, and daytime running lights flickering

Hi, I have a 2005 jeep grand Cherokee that I just bought used, I noticed three blue wires running from the dash to the fusebox that I thought were weird, after doing research I believe they are hardwired to bypass a relay possibly or something like that. Two of the wires run to a switch that the previous owner installed to the dash that turn on the fog lights and the other one does not go to the engine fuse box but it goes to a cylindrical component in the engine that is right behind the headlight and wiper fluid reservoir, then the wire runs to another aftermarket switch next to the shifter, this button doesn’t seem to work. I also noticed that the daytime running lights constantly flicker when the car is on and the wiper fluid pumps do not turn on when switched on which I feel like has to do with the wiring issues with the fog lights possibly. Sorry for writing an essay about this but this jeep is my first car and I would enjoy some insight into what these problems are and possibly how to fix them, thanks.

It sounds like someone is trying to get around a faulty TIPM .

If you don’t know what that is, enter Chrysler TIPM into your search engine, and read weed hopper.


Is there any way to fix this?


Replace the TIPM.

If you can find one?


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You can also try a hard reset on the TIPM. But you would still have to deal with the botched wiring. Can you post a picture of the mystery cylinder behind the headlight?

I will take a photo when I can,im currently not with my car

Unless you are in Canada this vehicle did not come with daytime running lights, someone may have made a modification.
Sounds like someone added fog lights, is there a factory fog light switch in the vehicle?
You may need a new windshield washer pump.

the original multifunction switch that came with the car did not have a fog light switch, I had assumed that he added that switch because I thought that the car came with fog lights I didn’t even think that it might not have. I bought a multifunction switch that has a fog light switch but it dosnt turn on the lights.What would there be in the fog light spot if the fog lights weren’t there?

The front bumper cover is the same, with or without fog lights. There was a Mopar kit to add fog lights to the low trim level Grand Cherokees.


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There would be plastic filler plates. My 2007 Ram had them. They use the same mounting points and fasteners as actual fog lights. There might even be wiring pigtails for the lights. I just used the wiring that came with the aftermarket lights. The lights fit perfectly.

You will have to trace the wiring to the for lights to get an idea of what is going on.

Maybe a compromise fix would be to just not use fog lights, and you or your shop fixes the daytime running light problem. Ask shop to measure if WW pump is being powered up when the button is pressed. If it is, WW pump is probably just clogged up. Remove pump & and flush out the debris. I use a spare Water-pik gadget (like used for cleaning teeth) for that purpose, works well. If you hear pump running, but nothing comes out on the windshield, those spray gadgets on the hood may be clogged. I use very thin wire (30 awg) to clean mine.

Yeah I wasn’t too worried about not having fog lights, it was mainly the washer not working and the wierd flickering with my lights, I should be able to check the pumps voltage myself and they don’t make any noise at all so I was assuming it was electrical

Sorry forr taking so long but her is the mystery cylinder:

Are the air hoses connected to that cylinder? Looks like a pump for an air horn.


Lol I didn’t even think about that, they do appear to be air hoses I’ll have to look for the air horns.