Flickering Lights on Jeep Grand Cherokee

My boyfriend recently purchased an '05 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Every couple of days, the dashboard console lighting (temperature gauge, clock, radio) flickers for about half a minute then stops (during day or night with the headlights on or off, it doesn’t matter).

Then every couple of weeks at night, the entire dashboard lighting will go out and at night you can’t see a thing (odometer, gas meter, etc). The headlights stay on. This total de-illumination only happens when the red light that indicates the security system is arming is one permanently (it should only ever flash for a few seconds when you first start the car). Mechanics can’t figure it out because we haven’t been able to recreate the flickering while it’s at the shop. Any ideas what this might be that we could direct them towards?

I would have the ground wire to the instrument panel checked. It may have a poor connection.