1995 Jeep Cherokee - Lights out

All my front lights on my 95 xj cherokee wont come on. no blinkers,or running lights, or low/high beams, checked fuses,??

Suggest to ask your shop to focus on the headlights. Good chance whatever’s wrong there is causing the other problems as well. From what I see the circuit goes (roughly) as follows: Battery + , [possibly through TIPM], 40 A fuse, headlamp switch, headlamp dimmer switch, headlight filament, ground. Does high beam indicator on dash panel work? Some Chrysler vehicles use the TIPM part to distribute electrical power. If your Jeep uses that part, ask your shop if it should be considered a possible culprit.

Hmmm… 28 year old Jeep. Rust never sleeps…

Check for good, clean ground connections for the lights. A Jeep this old has likely corroded them right off. Use a volt-ohm meter to check resistance. It should be near zero ohms. Likely yours are infinitely high.


Check the voltage before and after the fuse box. My son has a 98 Wrangler and we had to wire around the fuse box for headlights and later the starter. Looking at the crimped connections in the box we saw they had corroded apart, probably crimped too tight during manufacturing

We added in line fuses

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The multi-function switch may have totally failed.