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2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Disco Dashboard

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.7L motor. Bought it about a month ago and recently, every once in a while, the dashboard lights all start flashing on and off and the speedo and tach do the wave (like at a football game). Meaning they both go up then down repeatedly. Craziest damn thing I ever saw. Anybody else experience this light show?

You may have to google “how to remove” the instrument panel.

Unplug any harnesses and re plug then in.
I presume you have a corroded or loose connection.


Thanks Yosemite. I’ll give that a try.

I took out the instrument cluster. No corrosion, pushed pins, etc. Put it back together and am still having the same problem.

Does anybody know what makes the “chime” sound on these? If I can’t figure out how to make things quit going crazy, at least I can make it stop chiming all the time.

You own a Chrysler product?

And you’ve never heard of a TIPM?


You might consider replacing the instrument cluster, used clusters are not expensive.

Thanks Tester.

The last Chrysler product I had was in the late 80’s. It was a 1977 Dodge Warlock with a 318. Ya can’t hardly kill a 318. Biggest problem I had with it was replacing the ballast resistor every month or so.

None of the things listed on that page as typical symptoms are the things I’m experiencing. But if the TIPM makes a vehicle act as if possessed, I’ll definitely give it a serious look. Is it something that can be rebuilt or do I need to get a new one?

Much appreciated!

A used one from a junk yard is iffy.

A new one ain’t cheap.

This the best alternative.


Thanks Nevada_545.

I’ll look into it. But a used one might have the same mess as I have. Do you know if when these go bad they have the same exact problem or does it vary? I’m only asking since if these go bad, I wouldn’t want to get another basket case.

If they’re all different, it’s likely I could tell if the symptom is different. This thing has a pretty regular rhythm.

My granddaughters 2005 PT Cruiser lost her brake lights, who knows how long they were out? Florida has no inspections. The brake lights are controlled by the tipm, fortunately her very excellent and paitent mechanic was able fo find and repair a bad solder connection inside it.

I suggest you get a factory wiring manual for the vehicle and check the power supply wiring to the dash. If you are referring to the warning lights that are flashing then check the ignition power to the dash.

Thanks oldtimer_11.

I’ll be looking hard at the TIPM. Glad you got your granddaughter’s Cruiser situated.

Thanks Cougar.

I’ll do that. Yeah, the ABS, check engine, traction control, airbag lights, etc. all flash. It’s nuts. I have a video of it acting up. If I can figure a way to post a video I will.

Since the warning lights are the lights that are effected then also check the alternator field circuit as those lights are tied to that circuit for the TEST mode.