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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012 does not start

I have a Grand Cherokee 2012, and sometimes the car does not start, or rather, it turns on and after 2 seconds the engine turns off. I already replaced the battery of the key, I made a new copy of the fob, I also checked the battery of the car, and the problem persists. Some days more often, other days the problem disappears, what could be happening?

Does the car have the evil spirit in the engine?

Jokers aside, I do not know what else to do …

Check your battery connections for tightness.Does the battery light flickers when you drive?

Typical Chrysler, Dodge Jeep TIPM failure. Do a search and you will see a bunch of people have your problem.

Hi, dont have any battery light…

And, do you know if had this recall?

You can read all about the Chrysler TIPM problems here.


I think is the fuel pump relay…

I will make the recall, on the next week ,


In Brazil we do not have many Grand Cherokee’s, so it’s complicated to make a diagnosis.

And its expensive because here, it’s considered a luxury car…

The Fuel Pump Recall was done, but the car continues with the problem, in the ECU it accuses the battery of the key, but I already changed the battery of the key, and I made a new key, and the problem continues! Can someone help me?