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2005 Chrysler Pacifica compression link

I have an '05 Chrysler Pacifica that has a broken compression link (rear right wheel.) The part is “on back order” at the local dealership in NW Indiana, near Chicago and I am 189th in line! I’ve already waited a month for this part and my mechanic has been trying to find a used part in the meantime with no luck at all. Word is the part will not be available from Chrysler for a month to three months. With this many of these things breaking just in this area this must be a recall item, wouldn’t you think? Anyone know about this? Anyone know where I could get this part for my mechanic who is striking out for me? thanks, all…Adrienne

I have one if you are still in need. Mine was broken and I recently found a front end collision pacifica so I bought both. Let me know and I can ship it to you

So what happened? Were you just driving down the road; the link broke; and the car became undriveable? Did you hit a pothole or something in the road? Was this a result of a collision?

It is interesting that there is such a back order on this specific part. This failure could have caused an accident, so I would report the incident to the NTSB.

Good luck on this and reply with the outcome on this event.

I have an 05 Pacifica as well. I am in need of the compression link if you still have it. Mine snapped while changing a tire.

Wow. It’s starting to sound from this thread like that’s a problem part.

You may want to do a bit of research and find out of there is a TSB out there that applies. On a part like this sometimes a TSB will recommend a strengthened replacement part.

I have an 04 Pacifica with 2 broken compression links. I can’t find parts anywhere either. This is ridiculous!!!