2005 Chevrolet Colorado power windows

I purchased a 2005 chevy colorado today, and when I got home I found out that the power windows on the passenger side don’t work, I can hear a clicking sound coming from the front and rear doors when I press the buttons, but the windows dont move, any ideas on what’s wrong ?

Is there a chance you could contact someone at a dealership that sold you the car? Indepedant sale?

@Barkydog I bought the truck as is, and the power windows aren’t covered under warranty

Likely the electric motor mechanisms on that side are on the fritz. Since you hear a clicking coming from the right side doors likely your control panel is ok, just something amiss inside the doors. Could be several things, but if a mechanic takes the door panel off I expect the problem will be obvious. No sense speculating until visual inspection is complete.

It seems strange that both doors on that side are having a problem. My best guess is that there is a main power wire for that side of the vehicle windows and there is a bad connection problem with it. This would prevent enough power to get to the motors and allow them to work like they should. The trouble could be within the main switch panel.

Do you have a voltmeter? If so, you can test for power at the door switches. If you have power there, your regulators or motors are likely broken.

I took the door panel off, and found broken wires inside the door, so I reconnected them, but I’m still not getting power to the windows, I haven’t checked with a voltmeter yet, I’m going to try that today

Broken wires are a good clue. Exactly how did you reconnect them?

@BillRussell I used butt connectors to reconnect the broken wires.
Update, this morning I took the door apart, and and with a test light I discovered that I’m not getting power to the motor, I’m not sure where the wires go from the door though, so I have to find a Wiring diagram. If anyone has any other ideas I’m open to suggestions. Also thank you all for your information and suggestions so far, they have been very helpful

This is the plug that I’m not getting power to. I just tried a continuity tester on the plug and both wires have continuity. I’m not sure what to try next. Any suggestions ?

When I get this all figured out I’ll make a guide detailing how I fixed the issue for anyone else with this problem

The main switch panel supplies power to the individual door switches so check for power at the door switch. It seems from your pictures you are looking at the plug to the motor, not the door switch wiring. When the passenger door switch is in the middle position, power is connected to the motor through the door switch so the main switch panel can be used to control the window. Since found broken wires on the passenger side I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you found more damage on the driver’s door.

@Cougar I’m currently working on mapping out the plug for the switch, so far I’ve figured out what locks and unlocks the door and I found two sources of power

I found some data that hopefully matches your vehicle. There is a splice (S302) that ties yellow wires to power going to the windows. If you don’t have power on the yellow wires then check the splice for a problem. I don’t know where the splice is located but a factory wiring manual would tell you.

@Cougar I do have power to the yellow wires, but I do not have power to the motor. I’m looking for a Wiring diagram right now

This is the diagram that I found, but I’m having trouble deciphering what’s what. I’m new to Wiring diagrams.

Since you fixed the broken wires have you made sure that you do not have the “passenger window lock” still turned off.
This would still render those window controls off.

But if you are using the drivers control panel…it would make this a item to ignore.

Another thing; You say that you tested continuity!!
Yet, you mention that you are unsure where these wires lead.
But continuity is testing one wire from point A to point B .
This still is not a perfect test if a wire is broken inside of the insulation.
These can come and go as you move a wire or close a door etc…


The switches control the logic. The logic controls the up/dwn relays. The relays provide the up and down power for the motor. All this is in drivers door panel. You could drive the motor using battery power and a ground and make sure it works. Then it would be the panel is bad.

@Yosemite I tested the continuity by grounding the light and connecting it to the wires in the plug that attachs to the motor. As far as my knowledge goes, if the wire was broken, it shouldn’t have had continuity unless it was making contact directly with the frame. I could be wrong in my thinking, and if I am, feel free to correct me.