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2004 Silverado Passenger window issues

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3lt ExtCab… My issue is this: My passenger window does not work, passenger lock, interior lights and key fob don’t work either, and lastly the door chime doesn’t work… I have found that these are all related… I started off with the simple fixes, changed out the passenger window module, didn’t fix it, checked all fuses and relays and all are good, took the door apart to see if previous owner forgot to hook something up after replacing speaker and it was all fine, I even took out the aftermarket stereo and put back in the factory, and still nothing changed… My question is: What am I missing? Other than chasing wires, what could be the issue?

Since most of the problems seem to be on the passenger side . . . it’s quite possible the wires running from the door to the body are frayed and/or otherwise damaged

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You’ve checked the fuses, right? Is the window motor getting power? If not, probably a wire somewhere has broke, or a switch is faulty, bad ground, etc. The wiring is pretty complex for this function, and this sort of thing will be hard for you to debug without a wiring schematic. Once you get that, you can start at the battery and point by point follow the circuit until you discover where the battery voltage isn’t getting through. It has to be somewhere somewhere between the battery and the window motor.

already pulled the door apart and followed the harness, pulled it apart and am at the point of checking the wires, none seem to be damaged on the outside so I am planning to start tracing and using a meter to see if they are bad… I hate wiring issues…

Already replaced the fuses and the circuit breaker… never found any relay for it, but have noticed that some circuits and wiring aren’t in the same places as the diagrams show for this truck… oddly it shows that the main hardness for the passenger side is connected in the driver fuse box, but mine is in a separate panel under the dash about 1 foot or so away from where GM says it is suppose to be and not on a panel that looks like the diagrams… I found out recently that my truck was ordered and not just purchased off the lot…

Do you know how to check whether or not the window motor is getting power?