2004 Pontiac Grand Prix - Rack leak

MY 2004 Grand Prix GTP is one owner very well maintained with 78,458 miles. I started to hear what I believed was a hydraulic whine when first driving cold for the first 5 miles approx when it went away. The volume & tone of the whine changed with engine RPM. The owner of the ASE certified local shop who I have come to trust diagnosed an internal leak in the rack& pinion. OEM replacement parts either new or reman are not available so he used aftermarket from a trusted supplier. The whine stopped but my wife described the steering as wonky and I agree with her. When turning to the right steering begins to “come back” as it should. When turning left it never begins to come back on its own. In a deserted parking lot at slow speed I made a 360 left turn and took both hands off the wheel and the car would still be turning in circles had I not steered out of the turn. The shop owner was with me. He is now on the third reman aftermarket r&p with no success and is tearing his hair out, burning up the tech lines, and asking all his friends and competitors and suppliers if they have ever seen such and the answers have all been no. Can you HELP? The Fort Worth Star Telegram carries your column. I read it every time they remember to insert it.

Sounds like it needs an alignment.

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Maybe this helps…