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2004 Pontiac Grand Prix magnasteer

does my 2004 GT2 have magnsteer on rack and pinion?

Never a good idea to put your VIN on a public website. I know this is an 04 Pontiac Grand Prix but not if it has magnasteer

If the rack is bad, just look at it. If it has a wire coming from where the steering shaft attaches, it has Magnasteer. No wire, regular rack. A Magnasteer rack is only $250 compared to about $150 for standard.

@cdaquila … Ya might wanna erase her VIN number from the post!

Thanks anyway. Don’t even know where I put it on. I am 72, bad back and hip, hoping I didn’t have to go lay

down under the car. Had new rack put on by a guy who didn’t tighten the bolts, or as he says, they came

loose. I want a new part but want to order right part.

I will figure it out one way or another.

Do you realize that if you furnish the parts the mechanic will not warranty them . If they fail you will have to pay to remove and reinstall the new one. If the present mechanic will not solve the problem find one that will . Assuming this present rack is still good.

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The mechanic furnished the part, cost me $425, I told them it was not the right part, turned out to be the sensor, but, the mechanic will not do anything about the fact the bolts came loose, or he did not tighten. But, not your problem. We will just never go back. We should have gone to dealer, but, lesson learned. My 2 older boys are
mechanics, they will help me. thanks for all your time.

If you can tell me how to erase original question, that is what I would like to know.


The mechanic has a shop for years, but does shoddy work. They don’t stand behind their work.

@cdaquila I guess Anna40 wants to remove her thread . She does not know how to edit.

To erase or change something you’ve posted, go to that post. Under your text on the right side is an icon that looks like a stubby pencil. Click that and you can then edit what you’ve posted.

look at the RPO sticker. NV7 is regular assist. NV8 is mag steer.

Good luck finding a Pontiac dealer…hopefully your older boys can help you fix your Grand Prix!

Find a GMC dealer. They were often together with Pontiac. Actually, any GM dealer would probably be fine.

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