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Rack & Pinion Problems

I bought this 2001 Legacy station wagon and then a few months later the rack & pinion started leaking so I took it back to where the former owner had already had it fixed and it was still under warranty there…so they honored the warranty and said they fixed it but it would rub whenever I made a sharp turn so I took it back right away and they said that it was okay but a few months later it started to leak again so I took it back just now and they had it for 3 days…now they say it is fixed but it is “rubbing” more than ever on turns…so I ask, is this normal for the rack & pinion or they just conning me?

No. It’s not normal.

When things like this happen in the steering system, you have to look at the mounting points for the rack & pinion assembly.


What do you mean by rubbing? Is it hard to turn, and growling, or is a tire hitting something?

Maybe this noise is not even related to the steering rack.

it is related to the steering rack…the sound is like a maybe something was tightened too tight to stop the leak or it kind of vibrates on turns with, yes, a kind of “growling”