2002 Pontiac grand am steering wheel has to turn a whole 1/2 a turn before tires move

Hi was wondering why my steering wheel turns to far to the left about a 1/2 a turn before it turns the wheels. when centered it turns right just fine but when going back to center I have to turn the steering wheel a 1/2 a turn to move the wheels, had an alignment done and have replaced the rack and pinion, along with the tie rod ends. The car only does this when moving not while parked it doesn’t pull or anything just annoying to have to turn so much to be able to turn the car, if anyone know what the cause could be please share it with me.

Go back to the shop where you had the work done. Ask them why they didn’t test drive your vehicule after the repair.The play in the steering should have been obvious.

Yeah, something’s broke and it’s going to be expensive to fix.

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Sounds like that new steering rack is loose.

Sounds like steering column u-joint is loose? Supposed to have set screw but maybe installer messed it up

I can’t see this much play being caused by a worn part so I wonder about the rag joint and rack mounts as mentioned.

It was not stated who replaced the rack and tie rod ends but if the shop that did the alignment performed this repair and ran the car out the door in this condition it would be best to avoid them in the future.


It’s not “just annoying”. Whatever it is could completely let loose at any point, causing you to crash and injure someone. Don’t waste time getting this corrected.


Where do you live? I don’t want to have you on the road anywhere near me until you get this fixed.


Ya, that’s odd. Since rack is new.

Well took the driver side tire off to find the problem and the rack moves down when turning the steering wheel right checked to see if the mounting bolts where there and they are so maybe has something to do with the joint possibly, but I inspected the joint in steering column looks fine not bent or anything, also the bolt that connects the rack to the joint is there.

And now your will take the car back and demand that they fix it correctly?


You might elaborate a bit on the part about the rack moving down when turning the steering wheel right. The rack housing should not move at all although the inner tie rods may move up and down to some degree as the steering knuckle turns.

Assuming all mounting bolts are tight, bushings intact, etc. I wonder if there is an internal issue with the rack itself. I have seen a few GM racks that exhibited some squirrelly characteristics in the past. One of them would handle fine but the minute a tire hit a damp spot (not a puddle) the car would go stupid; and it was not the tires. Replacing the rack fixed that particular problem.

Keep in mind that when it comes to remanufactured parts most of the people rebuilding them are a bit shy on mechanical aptitude. It’s all assembly line work subject to whims, bad moods, employee disgruntlement, and so on. Some good days and some are bad.

Towed back to shop?