2004 nissan murano SE

help, today my vehicle took a while to start , then the CEL came on. The battery is fine had the output levels checked, we are very weary of mechanics in the area. need some advice …please help

Take it to an auto parts chain store and have the code(s) read for free. Then post them here in P0123 format.

Also, check the “Mechanics Files” area of this website for a recommended mechanic in your area.

hi, so i took the vehicle to the local Auto Zone, the codes indicated that it was the Crank shaft positioning sensor, so we changed that out and also the Cam shaft positioning sensor …but i’m still having the same problem.

Neither of those is going to cause the car to “take a while to start.” Those will either cause the car not to start at all, or to stall, or to run rough (cam sensor). So replacing those isn’t going to fix your main problem.

Can you describe your “taking a while to start” problem in more detail? More details (how often does it happen, how do you eventually get it started, does it happen more often when engine is hot or cold, etc) will help.

One possible reason for taking several tries to start the car is a weak fuel pump. Next time it won’t start, try turning the key to the “run” position where the dashboard lights come on, but do not crank the engine. Wait several seconds while the fuel pump runs and pressurizes the fuel lines. Then crank the engine to start it. If waiting those several seconds helps the engine to start, you may have a fuel pump problem.