Car trouble please help

I have a 2004 Nissan Murano, yesterday morning I got up at 5am and started out for work about 5miles up the road I felt the car start slowing down all while I’m pressing the gas then it came to a stop and died I tried cranking it again but it wouldn’t start. It was like the battery had went completely dead I had it jumped off and it crunk up and died again a guy checked the alternator and it’s good we cleaned the battery cables and started it up again it drove fine the rest of the day but the same thing happened again this morning can someone please tell me what could be wrong

Check the dome light…is it “on” when you exit the car? This could cause the battery to drain in no time.How old is the battery?

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It sounds like your alternator is on its way out and is intermittent at this stage imho. This would explain you slowly coming to a halt on the road. Then after a jump it ran and stayed running.

Running an old batt down to zero will kill them permanently sometimes so be aware of that.

Your issue lies between two items… Alt and Batt… It takes an experienced mechanic to suss out which it is without just “Shotgun” repairing it by replacing both at same time. Personally I would suspect the Alternator first or a connection to the Alt because your batt ran your truck till it died that first time.


The mechanic already checked it…its in his post.

When the brushes start to go… Alternators can function intermittently…that and I have no faith in “mechanics” that I dont know personally other than here on the forum where I’ve been able to see who knows what and why… LOL But yes, I caught that…

My neighbor came for my help last year with the similar issue on his van: he needed to have it jump-started a couple of times, then it would run fine and even start in the morning, then would not start or die shortly after running fine.

He is the kind of the guy having his best mechanical skill somewhere around driving a nail into the board… if a tailwind is right :slight_smile:

We opened his hood, explored around and found some relatively mild corrosion around the positive battery terminal, but importantly that terminal was not tight enough.

Some sandpaper, electric grease and making it tight again fixed him up: he drives his van with the same battery today.

I put in a brand new battery yesterday. After getting it started we unhooked one of the battery cables and stayed running so I’m not really sure it’s the alternator but i put it on a computer the code that came up was for a speed sensor

Unhooking the battery cables while the engine is running is one of the surest ways to kill the alternator or other electronics.

Don’t do that again . That may have been OK years ago but not now.

Omg now I’m scared