2009 Nissan Murano will not start

At first it began to slow start. Just some coughing before it would start for sure. Sometimes it would start right away, sometimes struggle.

I took it to Advance Auto Parts to have the battery tested and they said the battery was fine.

A day later the car would not crank at all and stranded me at the grocery store. The starter began to fire and then it would stop. After 4-5 tries it would not try to turn over at all.

My friend came and tried to jump me and the care started right up!

When I got home, the car was able to start on it’s own the couple times I tried. I risked going back to Advance to have them test out the battery again, as well as the test of the alternator and starter. Everything again tested fine, as far as they could tell.

While there the car again failed to crank and they heard the noise and immediately felt that the starter was the culprit. I ordered one just to be safe as it took some time to get here. (Plus a starter is like 2 bolts and a wire, what could go wrong?) >.>

I got a jump and got home. I did A LOT of reading, which led me to believe that perhaps it WAS the battery after all.

Last night I began preparations to replace the starter and check for corrosion or a bad cable. What a pain in the butt that starter is to get to! I had to remove the ECM as part of the process.

Today I got the starter as well as a new battery.

First thing I tried was just replacing the batter. No luck, and the starter did not even engage this time. I tried tapping it with a hammer to see if that worked. No luck.

It was at that point I realized I had not connected all the ECM cables securely. I disconnected the battery, reconnected the ECM fully and still had no luck.

Now when I press the ignition button there is a slight whir, and the gauges come up, but there is no other activity.

Is this still a starter problem?
Did I screw up the ECM somehow?
Is there a short or fuse issue (I have tried to check with my limited knowledge)

Any insight will help. I plan to have the car towed tomorrow as this is getting above my head :slight_smile:

if its a push button ign the brake switch could be going bad its the brown one next to the cruise cont switch behind the brake pedal worth looking at

For crying out loud @skoalz this is 3 months old. They have solved the problem by now or gave up.

Was there any resolution to Oaked case. I have been chasing a similar issue and really could use some good information. Dealership was wrong with a diagnosis of bad ECM.

Man it has been so long I do not remember BUT I am pretty sure I ended up with everything working once the Battery and ECM were replaced. That car absolutely loved a new battery and I had to change it several times while I owned it. When in doubt always grab a high-quality battery and pop it in to see if that solves the problem there is a ton of electric in that car and for whatever reason it does not do well once they just start to go a little bad.

Okay Thank You

I had my ECM checked and it is not bad. Dealership tried to get me to replace it. I just found a video on Youtube that I think might lead me to a solution. Thank You for responding