2007 Nissan Murano won’t accelerate in gear

Running fine. Radio cant seem to pick up any channels… go to leave work, crank it, back up, put in drive…It will not go. If I pushed gas, no revving it. Put back in reverse, same thing. You can feel it change into gear but it just creeps along, will not accellerate. Checked a few things…Put in park and you can rev the engine! still can’t in gear. The dial indicators on the dash are all moving irratically. ABS light on, lights will not cut off…then battery died. What in the world!!!

You have an old Nissan with a problematic Continuous variable transmission. Expect many $$$$ for a new transmission.
Possibly a failed body control module.

Pay the $100-200 diagnostic fee at an independent, non-chain, automotive repair center. You can use a dealership, but likely their estimate will be much higher.

When you get the estimate, then decide if to repair or junk it.


All your symptoms point to an electrical problem, battery and/or alternator.

The electronic throttle control malfunction is likely caused by the dead battery or failing alternator, common repairs, no need to junk the vehicle.