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My car dies after 1 hour of change battery /new battery

My Murano won’t start we brought a new alternator and battery but after one hour drive it won’t turn on … What else could it be

did you pay a shop to replace the alternator and battery?

Yes I did but it still doing the same thing

Please explain ‘won’t turn on’. When you turn the key is there silence, clicking or does the engine try to turn over? Each sound is a different problem and solution.

Why did you replace the battery and alternator? Did you tell your mechanic to change them or did you describe the problem and let him/her diagnose it?

It makes a fast click noise… the shop Changed the alternator because advance Auto parts hook the car up to the machine that tells you what wrong with your car and it said we took it to a shop but then the car battery died again so my husband brought a new one and we changed it our selves thinking it was the battery…but the car just idle after 1 hour then don’t turn back on

Rapid clicking like this indicates a weak battery.You need to check your connections.Are the battery posts clean? Are the connections tight?Take voltage reading if you have a voltmeter…it should be around 12.6V when fully charged.If everything look good, consider getting a new starter.

Thank you so much

Terika,what is the year of your Murano so I can check if there is any known problems with the charging system.

It’s a 2005

Corollaguy1 says to check and clean cables. That means both ends of cables, and check that the cables are good. Fully charge battery, clean cables, battery should test at 12.6 v. With engine running, 14.X v. If these conditions are met it will crank. If it doesn’t have starter tested. I got a feeling it’s not the starter because it cranked with fully charged battery.

Ok I will Clean cable thank you

Terika, I just found out that faulty alternators were installed in Murano.There seems to be a lot of complaints regarding the alternators. Nissan had a recall on those.Please read the following…it sounds very similar to your problem.

Okay thank you I will look into it

You have new alternator. IF it was defective you would have some dash light for ALT or BATT as you drive car. Perhaps not instantly but after 1/2 your voltage would go below 10V perhaps and some warning light would come on. You get nothing?
My scenario: car won’t crank. I jump it.
No dash light? Do short drive. Try to restart it.
Dead? Check alternator for voltage while car is running

If you have a volt meter , dvm etc, pretty easy to make sure the alternator is working. Your battery should measure about 12.6 volts before the first start of the day. If it doesn’t, charge it up with a battery charger until it does. Then, after starting the engine, the battery should measure 13.5-15.5 volts at idle. Everything electrical turned off, lights, defrosters, hvac, etc. That’s the test to begin with.

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My husband got another nee battery and was able to drive it home have to wait until after the holidays to get it checked out and again

If you alternator isn’t working the battery will discharge enough to fail to crank the engine pretty soon, doesn’t take very many miles. Suggest to avoid any long trips until you get it checked.

There you go. New good battery this time. And no dash lights.