2004 Honda Pilot - Strange Noise



Hi Guys !

First let me explain that my wife and I just love our 2004 Pilot - it’s a great vehicle and no mistake. But over the past 6 months it has developed a most annoying noise which resembles what could be the wind going through the roof rack (it isn’t that). It comes and goes - sometimes we don’t hear it for a few weeks but sure enough it comes back and despite all sorts of detective work and a trip to the local dealer (despite driving 15 miles, the noise would not come on), we can’t locate or identify it. It normally starts at about 40 mph and goes instantly when you give it some gas. The engine light does NOT come on by the way and I’m reluctant to spend $89 smakaroos for a computer analysis by the dealers when the problem can’t be replicated in the shop.

Other than duck taping my wife to the hood armed with a video camera and a microphone to record the noise when it deigns to reveal itself, we just don’t know what to do. And the noise sounds real serious too. Any ideas? (Other than buying more duck tape!!!)


Naw, duct taping your wife to the hood wouldn’t work; that would disturb the airflow which is causing the noise----good idea, though.
What could change, from week to week, could be the closing edges of panels which have been opened and closed; such as: the hood, or doors, or sun roof.


Thanks a bunch
I’ll look into your suggestion and post the solution (if and when we find it)


Could you say that the noise is possibly coming from the rear differential?

These Honda Pilots have a synthetic rear differential lube, and when this lube breaks down the differential can start making noise.



Thanks - no I don’t think so as I would assume a differential noise would be a metallic “grinding” type of sound not this “whoosh” and vibratory sound as we are experiencing but I’ll keep an open mind on this