Symptoms: whooshing and shuddering


For a number of months now, our '03 Honda Pilot has developed a “whooshing” sound and also a decided “shudder”. Describing it as whooshing is the best I can do but I’d compare it to the sound of a gust of wind or a flapping of something in the air. It seems to originate up under the left side of the dash.

The second issue is the vibration I’d best describe as a shudder. The whole car seems to vibrate but not the steering wheel. Speed does not seem to be a factor and the occurance is totally random. It can last as long as a blink of an eye or as long as a couple of seconds. There’s no association with braking either–just driving along normally.

I’ve taken it into the dealership twice but the randomness didn’t occur while the service man was driving it so they could only go by my descriptions. They could find nothing.

My husband doesn’t hear well but he did feel the vibration effect. And a friend of mine “heard” the whooshing sound tonight as I was driving.

I ain’t nuts.


by any chance does your pilot have a sun roof (that opens)?

if the small flap that folds up in front isnt actually flipping up the inside of the car can develop a whooshing pulsing vibration.


i thought if this since y ou said this has been happening for 3 months (summer) when you typically use the sun roof.


it was here all along, you have to keep looking on the “next” page





No, there’s no sun roof but I can see where that would be problematic.

However, the sound is coming specifically from the left hand side of the dash–not from overhead or even on the passenger side. It is definitely coming from one focused area.


Geez, my apology for not figuring that out on my own. I guess my 70 years are showing.

FYI, I was driving the Pilot today and the vibration and whooshing gained in intensity and frequency. My concern is that when I take it in to the dealership, my descriptions aren’t worth 2 cents if they can’t duplicate them when they’re driving around.

I’ll keep you posted (if that’s okay).


When you take it to the dealer, YOU do the driving and take a tech with you to listen, THEN you take it wherever you have to go to get up to speed to make the noise appear.

Granted, there’s still no guarantee but you’ll have a better chance of narrowing it down if the noise DOES appear.