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Mysterious 2007 Honda Pilot whomp sound

My 2007 Honda Pilot with 180,000 miles on it. I bought the car with 135,000. Even when I bought it, the car made this noise but it is getting louder. The noise is like a cycling, repetitive noise that increases in speed as the vehicle increases in speed. It seems to be coming from the rear. Two mechanics are mystified, both stating that the rear differential is full of oil so that is fine and they think it is a flat spot on a tire. But I’ve had several sets of tires on the car and the noise is the exact same, with no change. It is hard to describe, but it is just a semi-loud road noise that goes “whomp” every time something turns a rotation. I THINK it makes the repeating noise slower than the speed of a rotation of the tires, but I’m simply not sure.

Anybody else experience this?

Bad hub bearings will do that. Vehicule has 180,000 miles and they can fail anytime now.Take your vehicule to a reputable independant mechanic where he would test the bearings for play and litsten to them with a stethoscope.

no, that is not true. Lots of things can fail in the differential, and the oil level won’t change. Find a better mechanic.

This might sound ridiculous. Does this happen when the front window(s) are down but the back ones closed. My Caravan did this. Opening a rear window just a bit stopped it.

If you don’t know if this has ever been done, have the rear differential fluid changed.

The rear differentials in these vehicles are susceptible to noises when the fluid isn’t serviced on a regular basis.


Thanks CorollaGuy1. I’ll have them checked! :slight_smile:

Blockquote no, that is not true.
OK, Thanks Bill.

Sorry for the multiple posts. finally figured our how to respond with quotes.

THANK You! I’ll have them checked.

OK, thank you. good to know.

No, window Configuration does not make any difference. But thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

Hasn’t been done that I know of. Certainly can’t hurt so thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks all.