2010 Chevy HHR

My 2010 HHR vent and hot/cool controls do not respond when turned. Only hot air will blow out the dash vents. This happened last summer, but returned to normal until now. Any ideas @ how to repair this? AC light and compressor come on, but still only HOT air comes out.

It might be the heater blend door or the actuator. If you hear clicking from the dash board, it is probably the actuator. If not, you may need to replace the heater box.

The problem might be with the climate control module.

The climate control module is basically a small computer that controls all the functions of the ventilation system.


@Tester‌ suggestion is good. I’d have the ac checked first to make sure your freon didn’t dissipate into the atmosphere via a leak in the system. Since it’s done this before, it’s likely the module

Thanks all.AC was working fine just before this happened. No clicking noise I can hear tho.

Also, the steering wheel will actually jump a little to the left when taking off from a stop, and will drift left when I am going straight.
Had it aligned at dealer too. Any ideas?

@teeman–Because the HHR is a FWD vehicle, it is normal for the steering wheel to jump a little to the side when accelerating. This is known as “torque steer”, and it can be seen on almost all FWD vehicles.

As to the “drifting”, that may be due to the grading of a road, or it could be due to tires that are worn un-evenly because of failure to rotate them on schedule, or it could be due to an actual tire defect, or it could be due to an alignment that was not done correctly. Many shops do wheel alignment, but not all of them do it well.