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2004 GMC Envoy - Lights on and off

My car check engine light came on but went off now my check oil change light came on but I had a oil change about 3months ago has this happened to anyone if so can you explain why

But have you checked the oil level ? That is something that should be done at least every two weeks but weekly is even better.
It does not matter if this has happened to anyone else because you have a problem . If you are in the US Auto Zone might read your codes for free.

The oil change light came on because you drove how many miles? since your last oil change… you don’t say. Oil changes are determined by the driving conditions and the mileage since the last change.

The 2 lights are not connected. One means it is time for an oil change, the other means there is something wrong with your Envoy and the you should get it checked.

And how many miles has it been since then . . . ?

I presume the message/warning was orange, not red . . . ?!

Assuming the engine’s running well, this could be due to any number of things, such as an evaporative emissions problem, an oxygen sensor heater circuit, and so forth

Best to get the codes read out . . . some places will do it for free, as already mentioned

If there are any codes, please report them to us in the format P0128, P0420 or what have you

Check the oil level on the dipstick. If low top off so it reads “full”.

Tammie Nash , your name seems so Tennessee. You from that area?

I have a cel for a small evap leak, Waiting to see if the 03 makes it until July and will get it taken care of for emission test. My change oil soon keeps coming up on start, goes off even though last oil change was 500 miles ago, and did this before the oil change even though it had been less than 3k miles. I could try resetting the oil life monitor, oil level is fine. Oil pressure is fine. I am on the don’t worry about it philosophy for my situation.