2006 Dodge Caravan check engine light

Dear Car Talk
A month ago, my van’s oil light was on. My mechanic check and told me there is no problem. The oil light was off then until yesterday. The engine light was on. I check the gas cap and make sure it was tied. But the light was still on until today. It is off by itself. Is that mean any problem? Thank you in advanced for answering my question!

If the fuel cap was loose and you corrected the problem the check engine light should turn off after 2 to 3 days, the evaporative emissions monitor must pass the test twice before switching off the light.

I suspect replacing the oil pressure switch would correct the oil light problem, what was needed to correct that problem?

Oil light and check engine light are not related.

Since the light went off after a couple of days, it is highly likley that you had a loose gas cap. If the gas cap triggered the light, and you reinstalled it, the light takes a couple of days to turn off.

If the light returns, you will need to read the codes. It is very simple procedure that you can do yourself. Here are some good instructions on how to diagnose check engine light yourself.

The other option is to stop by at autozone or Advance auto and they will scann it for you.

Has anyone checked the level of the oil in the engine recently?