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Oil change light came on

2002 Chevy Camaro V6, the oil change light stays on for about a minute after starting, i had the oil change about 1000 miles ago, the owners manual says to change the oil when the light stays on, but it doesnt make sense why it would be on if i changed it. Could it be a leak or any ideas?

And the obvious question is : Have you checked the oil level ?

Well i feel dumb, went to mechanic, all i had to do was reset the light.

Mechanics frequently forget to reset the oil change reminder, especially if it wasn’t on when they did an oil change.

The important question is: Are you sure it’s the oil change light, and not the oil pressure light? I don’t mean to talk down to you, but this is an important distinction.

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Don’t feel dumb. Your mechanic should have done that for you when he changed the oil. After all, now your oil change reminder is probably going to come on 1,000 miles later than it should.

Yes the car has no way to know when the oil was changed unless you reset the oil minder. Same as the car really doesn’t know the condition of the oil but just a guess from the computer program.

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Now that you know to rest the oil life monitor, you can do it yourself. If the mechanic didn’t show you how, it should be in your owner’s manual. We have a 2003 Olds Silhouette, and I look there if I ever need to do it.