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'05 Honda Accord Windows Won't Roll Down


I have a 2005 4-door Honda Accord with electric windows. The only window that will roll down is the driver’s side. On any of the other three, if I push the button to roll that one down, I can hear the click of the motor, but nothing.

In the manual, it seems to indicate that all 4 windows are on the same fuse, so I don’t think that’s the problem, but I could be wrong and will be checking that today when it gets light out.

Any other thoughts as to what it could be?

If you hear the motors turning, the regulators are shot. There is not a problem with the fuse. The regulators will need to be replaced. These appear to be cable-actuated regulators, and maybe the cables popped off the tracks. Your lucky they are still up. Plan on spending about $100 apiece for these, labor extra. The window mechanism looks like this:

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you’re saying each one is bad, but the first time I noticed it, I tried all the windows and none, except the driver’s side, would go down. What are the chances that three went out at the same time?

The odds are pretty high, but if the windows are frozen in place, the cables can pop off the pulleys. It is best to replace the regulator after this happens, because the cables will keep popping off again if you can get them back on.

Ok, thanks again for the assistance.

The problem is probably with the power window multiplex control unit. This is a solid state module and is part of the window switches on the drivers door. The drivers window motor power doesn’t pass thru this unit, But the other three window motors power does.


Tester, he said he can hear the motors turning. If the switch were the problem, the motors wouldn’t turn.

No. They said they can hear the motors CLICK. Not turning.


What happens if you try to roll the windows down with the controls at each window (not the driver’s console)?

Same response as when I use the driver’s side controls - the click of the motor and that’s it. Also, same if I use the key in the lock - turning and holding it will normally roll down all windows, but in this case, only the driver’s side works.

Are you in very cold country? Did you get your car washed recently? It’s very unlikely, but possible they are simply frozen in place. Try warming the edges with a hair dryer. I’ve had doors freeze shut after a car wash and I couldn’t get out. I did get out through a window after putting the car in a garage, and they eventually let go.

No, I live in North Carolina and it’s been well above freezing. And, I think the first time I noticed it was back in November where we had some days in the 70’s.

Did you ever find the answer? Mine is doing the same thing. Stopped working after I replaced the starter.