Driver side automatic window won't roll up?

I have a Chevy cavalier 2000, and the driver side window will not roll up anymore. The passenger side still works.

The drivers side window has been strange since I got the car but it didn’t really bother me. I had to give the window a little push in order for it to go significantly down or up, and if I didn’t get it up or down in one push I’d have to almost wait for it to “recharge” for a few minutes and then finish it.

Today it just randomly stopped working at all, and I’ve tried to pull it up and it just won’t go. I have someone push the button while I pull and nothing. I don’t know what to do, especially if it rains. I really want to at least put it up.

What is wrong? Is it the fuses if my other window is working fine? Or are the fuses separate? I don’t want to take it into a shop. Anyone have any advice? Please be specific.

Thank you very much

Fuses Are Just Lipstick On A Pig

Fuses don’t ordinarily wear out like car tires do. They work, or when an electrical or mechanical problem is present, they “blow” to protect the wiring, protect parts from damage, and avoid overheating of wires which can result in smoldering or fires. You can look in the car’s Owner’s Manual for fuse and circuit breaker locations. Should a fuse get it to struggle closed one last time, I would operate it no more. This is not the best way to proceed. I think your problem is in the window regulator or window motor (sometimes all one unit).

Barring having it repaired, somtimes it can be made to stay closed by getting “inside” of the door and blocking the window up with wood. The window would probably have to be unattached from the regulator(the part that raises/lowers) to move it.

Bottom line: I believe the problem is inside the door. However I have seen a couple of cases where the window track causes the window to bind while trying to slide.