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2003 Toyota Camry rear windows

I have a 2003 Camry with 109,000 miles. I recently bought it and I was so focused on completing the deal that I did not check the rear windows. I tried to roll them down using the drivers side main switch (they are power windows) and it does not work. Next, I used the individual switches at each rear windows and it doesn’t work there either. I am Deaf so i cannot hear the motors. But I dont feel any motor running or struggling to run at each rear window switch… I’ve not checked any fuses yet but I was wondering how odd it is to not have both windows rolling down…the front windows work just fine. Any ideas?? Would be appreciated. The AC works great so I don’t roll down the windows much but I just want to know what could be the issue. Thanks! I’m an often reader of this site!

Among the power window controls on the driver’s door, there is a “lock-out” button so that the driver can prevent children in the back seat from playing with the windows. This is the first thing that you should check, as simply having this button in the “locked out” position would cause the exact symptom that you are reporting.

The second thing to check is your Owner’s Manual. This describes the function of all the controls on the car, and you need to familiarize yourself with all of that information, as well as the maintenance requirements for the car.

If there is no manual in the glovebox, then you need to get one!
E-bay is a good source for low-cost, lightly-used manuals. Helm, Inc can sell you a brand-new copy, albeit for a much higher price. No matter how you obtain one, you do need to have a copy of the Owner’s Manual.

Check the safety lock-out, as VDCdriver suggested, but I believe the driver’s switch should still control all four windows even if the lock-out is activated. The owner’s manual will tell you for sure.

I’d certainly look at the fuses. Perhaps the front and rear windows are on separate circuits.

Is it possible the previous owner disabled the rear windows for some reason?

Yeah this isn’t my first Camry and I am aware of the lock out switch. It was the first thing I checked. It is disengaged…if the previous owner disabled it, I would never understand why. OK thanks for your suggestions. Hope more readers will have advice. Thanks again!

You’re simply gong to need to pull the inner door panels on the rear doors and check for voltage at the regulator assemblies. A Haynes repair manual should show you how to remove the panels or perhaps you can find a “how to” site on the web.