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Windows will not go down

Mom has a 2007 Toyota camry and the only window that will go up and down is the drivers side window.

info info info…is it electric?

Has someone accidentally activated the safety switch?

This switch allows the windows to be operated only from the driver’s control switch.

its electric

coffee is on

As mcparadise suggests, it is likely that someone accidentally activated the “lock-out” switch, which is intended to make it impossible for children to play with the windows. Look for an additional switch on the driver’s door panel, and it is likely to be the switch that Mom hit by accident.

Incidentally, this might be a good time for her and other drivers of the car to review the Owner’s Manual which discusses this topic.

Many new cars have auto up and down windows for all four windows. If this is the case with your camry, you need to reset each window. Try the window switch at each window, not the master. Hold the switch down for a few seconds after the window goes all the way down. Then put the window up and also hold the switch for a few extra seconds.