2003 Toyota Camry broke down - DIY towing

Car broke down I need to get it pull where in the front do I hook the chain around to pull the car to my house

Unless this is a manual transmission car that can be put in neutral to be flat towed, I would not recommend doing this. It can damage the transmission.

You did say how you want to tow this vehicle. If you are considering a rope or chain that is illegal in many places. Also you will not have power brakes or steering . If you hit the back of the pulling vehicle expensive damage will be the result to both vehicles. Also if the pulling damages the front bumper cover that will be at least 500.00 to fix. So give up and call a wrecker service.

How far away is your house?


While I agree that DIY towing should be avoided, if you insist on a DIY tow, there should be a tow hook (covered by a small removable cover) on the lower edge of the bumper. If you can’t locate it, your Owner’s Manual should have an illustration.