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Towing with straps

where can i hook up a tow strap to tow a 92 previa? i’ll be using a 91 jimmy, and only going about a half mile…

thanks for any advice

Check the owner’s manual for the location of the towing hooks on the Previa.

Don’t forget that the tow strap is only going to help get the vehicle moving, but does nothing to help slow it down. You need a person in the towed car to work the brakes (and the steering - and in many cars, there is only so much vacuum stored in the resevoir for a couple of brake applications. After the stored vacuum is used up, the pedal pressure needed is very high.

So do this towing very slowly and carefully.

In the old days we used to hang an old tire from the hood ornament over the grille and bumper to be used as a brake.

Can’t find hood ornaments OR a place to get away with that nonsense anymore though. (Chuckle)

Why not go to U-Haul and locally rent a tow dolly for one day? It won’t cost that much ($20-$30) and would make it much safer. You just hook it up, push the towed car forward until the front wheels are on it, strap them in, and go. If this car is AWD, 4WD, or RWD, rent a dolly that lets you get all four wheels off the ground. If it is FWD, you just need to get the front wheels off the ground.

If the towed car has a functioning automatic transmission, consider that towing it on all four wheels, even only 1/2 of a mile, can wreck the transmission. Without the engine running, when the car is rolling in neutral, the transmission still turns, but no transmission fluid is being circulated.

In NH this is illegal. A tow bar or dolly is required.