Flat towing 1994 Toyota Pickup

I want to flat tow my 4wd pickup 1994 and understand no damage will be done to my transmisson if both front and back are placed in nuetral

If you have an automatic transmission you must not toe it unless you disconnect the driveshaft/s or trailer it.

How would you do that? Does your 4WD transfer case have a neutral? If it has a neutral and you select neutral you can flat tow it that way only.

If you TOE a vehicle, does that then mean you TOW the line?


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Here’s what Toyota says:

For all the trucks, the answer is ‘no’ for either transmission.

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I was not specific enough… what I meant for the front wheels was that I have locking hubs which must be engaged for 4 wheel drive… not engaging them ( having them in nuetral ) is what I was trying to say…

It is essential that the towing doesn’t result in turning the transmission output. If the transmission output is not turning it won’t be damaged.

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