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To tow or not tow

Where should one attach a chain to the front end of a typical compact car that is stuck in the snow?

as long as the chain is wrapped around the main frame and pulled out slowly, it should be fine. That is if there is no obvious hooks on front end. Never wrap anything around a mount.

Owner’s manual has the info.

There are usually tow hooks as indicated in the manual. Anywhere else is asking for a problem. Ask the dealer of your car where the delivery tie downs on both ends are if the manual isn’t helpful.

Have the tow mount on the towing vehicle as low as possible. If it is too high, it will pull up on the front bumper assembly as well as damage the front wind screen under the bumper. There is NO GOOD WAY to do this. Living in snow country, I always mount a hitch on the rear of ever car I could to provide a pulling point. Of course it’s from the rear but most problems you drive into and it works. If you have the money, think about it.

If you must…if the pull is gentle, like my neighbor does, use a strong polyester line or very heavy nylon line tied with a bowline to the strongest suspension components or hooks if you can find them on both sides to form a bridle out front. Hook chain to that. The stretching of the line becomes a moderating factor and may pull just enough to get you out without damage,the word is MAYBE. ALWAYS pull from the rear if possible in the direction you usually enter problem and have the car idle in reverse or drive in the direction you are going.

The very safest and easiest way on the car is to get several bodies and push it out. We do this as our road eats cars in it’s ditches. We have been successful with all these ways. But we are lucky and don’t mind the dents when we finish. ;=)