Towing front wheel drive

I’ll be heading to Fla from Northeast soon and towing a front wheel drive. I can rent a car dolly for over $330 or purchase a tow bar that puts all 4 whees on the ground… Can the latter be done safely without ruining the engine due to lack of Lubrication because the wheels are turning?? Need help soon… Thanks…FRANCO

Pulling the vehicle with all for wheels down is fine…except that you’ll be putting wear and tear on the drivetrain.

The risk isn’t to your engine, but to your transmission. Assuming you’re talking about an automatic (towing a manual on 4-wheels is fine), the pump that keeps various transmission parts lubricated runs off the engine and consequently doesn’t turn when you’re towing.

Consult your owner’s manual-- it will say for sure if you can or can’t do this. Usually it will say that you can tow it on four wheels for no more than 50 miles or so and no faster than 45mph.

Also, just FYI, the car’s being front wheel drive is actually irrelivant. The only issue is that with a RWD automatic, you can actually disconnect the driveline and avoid transmission damage, whereas there is no easy way to do this in a front-drive car.

Hi Greasy jack…Will it make a diff if Tranny is in neutral while towing

How much will the tow bar cost and will you ever use it again? I think renting the dolly is the best way to go, since you avoid any chance of wearing or damaging the drivetrain. And if you never use the bar again, it’s kinda a waste of money, don’t you think?

Again, is it an automatic or manual transmission? You can’t tow a FWD with an automatic. You CAN tow a Manual transmission car, AS LONG AS IT STAYS IN NEUTRAL!!!

Go to Scroll down to near the bottom left for their Dinghey towing guides to see what can be towed on 4 wheels.

First, I DO NOT suggest doing this, but I have seen it done many times for many many miles. Cars are routinely exported from my home city to Cuidad Juarez Chihuahua Mexico. It’s a 14 to 16 hour drive under the best contitions. Towing a car with another small car probably makes it even longer. These guys take 20 or 30 cars down south every week. I guess they have a good market for cars and vans that are 10 to 15 years old. Anyway, what they do is leave the toad running, and tow it with all four wheels flat on the ground. They remove the plastic rear bumper cover of one car, and the front of the other, hook up the towbar, and awayyy they go. That keeps the automatic transmission well lubricated.

Would I do it? NO way Jose.

Consider another option. BUY a good used tow dolly for $500 and sell it in FL for $500 to someone coming back north. Caution, be sure it has trailer rated tires. Ask me how I learned THAT one on a single 160 mile trip… Pack the wheel bearings, and awayyy YOU go.

Thanks Guys… All ther answers are NOT what I wanted to hear but I’m convinced I shouldnt do it. You all saved me a lot of head aches and Money!!!