2003 Sunfire Power Window Question


My passenger window would go down 3 inches then stop. I have to wait about 5 minutes then the windown will go down 3 inches after I press the window switch and stops again. This happens going up and down. My driver side also does this periodically. The only items that are used by both windows is the power window switch and the plug that goes into the switch. It’s hard to believe the motor or regulator broke at the same time for both windows.

Should I disconnect the switch from the plug and reseat the switch or buy a new power window switch.

Please help.


I suggest you clean and lubricate the window channels. Silicone spray or WD-40 should help. The switch and motors are working.


There may be a problem with the passenger side window that is causing the motor to work too hard. This will cause excessive current flow to the motor. It sounds like the circuit breaker for the windows is being opened up and resetting when it cools down. Also, the breaker may be weak and cause this to happen. I would check to see how much current is being drawn for each window and compare the results and then decide what to do from the results. You may just need to replace the breaker.