Sunfire Window

The drivers side window on my 1998 sunfire convt. seems to have shot its motor. The window itself doesnt roll up all the way. The window only moves up and down in small incriments and only if I wait 2-3 minutes everytime before hitting the window switch. I dont want to have to replace the motor if i dont have to. I was curious if anybody has had the same problem or knows a solution that may help.

I have the same problem with a Ford Windstar and have had to dissasemble the motor and clean it out of most of the grease. This works for a good long while, but eventually will have to do it again.

I don’t know if on a Sunfire the motor can be taken apart, but ther is no harm looking.

In addition to the motor getting weak with age, the window may be binding in its tracks. Try some dry silicone spray lubricant.

Sounds like the window motor circut uses a thermal breaker for circut protection. Thats why you have wait some minutes for the breaker to re-set. Iam leaning on motor replacement. unless upon inspection you can see some kind of obstruction with the regulator or run channel.Electric window concerns are common on just about all cars. I have repaired window concerns from BMW to KIA. GM was really bad