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Power window frustration

We bought our 2004 Town and Country in 2006. One month after our purchase the driver’s side power window shot craps. The dealer replaced the motor. Two months ago the window did it again. A mechanic once again replaced the motor. Two days later the window stopped working again! It now works intermittently - but you can almost guarantee when it’s NOT going to work is when I pull up to a drive-up situation of any sort - fast food or bank drive-through , and etc. Any words of wisdom?

It sounds like neither the dealer nor the mechanic is doing their jobs well. Did either of them a) actually test the motors before they were replaced; b) test anything else, such as the switches or wiring? It sounds like you have a non-motor related problem that may (or may not) be causing problems with motors. Someone needs to do a full check of the window switch & its wiring.

my experience with these, is the window motor is a part of the whole ‘window regulator’ assembly. any time i have replaced one, i just replace both. IMHO if the motor is going, the whole regulator is suspect. the difference in price is around 100 bucks for just a motor, versus 180 bucks for the whole shebang. so in the whole picture, replacing all the window ‘guts’ is cost neutral, compared to the paying of labor twice to do the job again.

one issue is the power buttons. they can get dirty, stuck and mimic the same issues you are having. a competent mechanic can diagnose which the problem is. i am assuming this was properly diagnosed before you put the other motor in, but that is suspect, since you are still having problems.