2003 Hyundai Sonata - Dealer can't help - what to do!?

My 2003 Hyundai Sonata needs a new front to the back brake line and a new gas line front to back but the manufacturer quit making the parts.
I only have 98,000 miles on it and only drive 5 miles a day. I’m a 73 year old and can’t afford to even buy a used car.
Please help me

Any reliable repair shop can make those lines up for you. It does not have to be Hyundai factory brand lines. Just do not go to chain shops like Pep Boys, Firestone, or Goodyear to have it done. check with friends, family or neighbors to see who they use that are fair, honest and reliable.


There are aftermarket fuel and brake lines available. A good independent mechanic should be able to take care of you.


Concur w/above posts, either aftermarket or custom made brake and fuel lines will do the job. If you decide on bespoke lines, ask your shop about using nickel/copper tubing. If approved for the use, it may last longer than ordinary steel tubing.

Note than custom brake line job will probably incur a higher shop fee for the add’l labor involved. Ask about that, so you don’t end up w/a surprise.

Agree with these answers. Mileage does not matter. Rust never sleeps and will eat away at the lines while the car just sits. I have had to replace the brake lines and the fuel lines on my 2004 Chevy truck because of rust. It happens.

Any good independent shop can handle this.

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I believe the Sonata you own runs the brake lines in a plastic trough under the body. A design flaw I think. The trough fills up with dirt, moisture, salt, etc.and eats up the steel lines eventually.

If money is a consideration you can have a competent automobile mechanic cut out the rotted section of pipe and replace using double flairs and appropriate brake line fittings.

NOTE: Typical hardware store flaring tools and fittings designed for plumbing are dangerous and not approved for brake line repairs.

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