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Hyundai Sonata brakes

3 months ago I had the rear brake pads & rotors replaced on my 2009 Sonata with 63K miles due to a squealing noise. Just took it back due to bad grinding noise. Mechanic said one of the rear calipers had locked up and it needs new calipers, hoses, rotors & pads. I’d like to know if this should have been diagnosed the first time I had the brakes done or even if that could have caused or led to this happening. The mechanic said this could happen anytime, but it seems too coincidental.

Maybe that’s why they call them breaks (sorry bad pun)! Your help or advice would be much appreciated!!

3 months ago and this is coincidental? I don’t follow your reasoning. The mechanic is right because things can break at any time. You are overthinking this or maybe underthinking somewhat.

Yeah, a caliper can unfortunately fail any time.

Both rear calipers are bad? That may be a bit weird to have them go both at the very same time. If they are both locked, maybe it was due to bad service. Maybe he forgot to lube both slider pins, for instance.

But let’s give him the benefit of doubt:
If only one caliper was locked up, you probably need one caliper, one rotor and two sets of pads (one for each side).
Not sure whether you’d want to replace the hoses, unless there’s good reason to replace them. Rubber hoses eventually get tired but 63K is not very old for a hose.

I mostly agree with Remco. I do, however, think it’s entirely possible that he sent you out of there with a sticking caliper, and it’s taken 3 months to wear the pad down to the point where it started making noise.

I do not ever agree with the idea that you have to replace both calipers if one is sticking. Many mechanics, especially those at profit-driven chain shops, will tell you that. It’s BS. It sounds like this is happening here, since he said “one” of the rear calipers is locked up.

I would want to know why it needs new “hoses.” Unless the line has failed internally and is pinching off the fluid, which is holding the caliper shut, you probably don’t need a new line. If you need a new line, it’s entirely possible that there’s nothing wrong with the caliper, and replacing the line will fix the problem. At any rate, if only one caliper is sticking, then assuming the other side’s line is not leaking, there is no reason to replace it.

There is also no reason you would need new brake pads on the side where the caliper is not sticking. You’ve only been driving for 3 months on them, and they’re rear brake pads which handle only roughly 30% of the braking. They’re almost brand new.

It sounds like you have a problem, but the mechanic is looking to get more work out of it than necessary. I would get a second opinion at minimum.