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2003 Hyundai Sonata Sputtering

Last Aug. I took my 2003 Hyundai in to have it looked at. It was sputtering bad when you engaged the engine. But after it warmed up, stopped doing it most of the time. The shop did a tune up and said that the wrong plugs were used.

Now it is 7 months later and it is doing the same thing again. But yesterday the service engine light went on. It also seems much worse when it rains or is really humid. Any ideas? We don’t drive this car that much and it just had an oil change about a month ago with no problem. All fluids were fine. Fuel filter changed in Aug. too.

I want to be able to go into the shop tomorrow and give them some areas to look at.


The best clue is going to come from that check engine light. You can get this read for free at many auto parts stores (big chains are the best bet). If you write down the codes (exact codes like P0123) and post them then people will be able to provide some suggestions.

The dampness relation suggests an electrical/ignition issue. Were the spark plug wires replaced when the plugs were replaced?

Thanks for your response. The wires were replaced. I’ll have to try to get the codes tomorrow since I am working late tonight.