2004 Hyundai Sonata - next steps?

I bought this car 5 years November 104,000 then now 131,000. I have no problems with the front, the back ones wear out in 4,000 miles. I bought the best that they have out there and nothing helps. At first I thought it was the way I installed them, but I have had the garage install them and they wear out the same. I have even tried to go to different auto part stores. Any thoughts, if I could sell it I would but I can’t.

Are you talking about shocks/struts? or tires? or…???

Sorry if I did not make myself clearer. What I’m talking about is the rear brake pads.

Sticky slides, bad caliper or rotors, damaged hoses, or master cylinder can cause this. You need to find a brake specialist to diagnose the problem instead of them just replacing parts.


Did you change the rotors?

If you live in a high salt area, the design of the rear brakes on these really traps salt. On my sons 2007 he cot avout 1 1/3 years out of rar rotors and pads. For him , that was about 15000 miles, but you have only gone 27000 in 5 years sp you can see, it is more a time thing rather than mileage.

The only thing the dealer could suggest was to clean and lubricate them every fall for a $100. He moved to Florida 10 years ago with it and in its 6 years down there until it was toataled it never needed another brake job. The 2014 that he bought new in Florida has not needed a brake job,

Hyundai’s are not the only cars to be affected by rusty brakes. My 2012 Toyota with only 53000 miles has had 2 rear brake jobs and one front and both are ready to be redone. 2 calioers have been replaced because of rust binding them up .

After replacing the pads the 2nd time a little over 3000 miles I knew it was time to do it the best way possible. The rotors, calipers, slide bracket and even did a pressure test to make sure the master cylinder and hoses are in good working order. It takes me almost 6 months to put 3000 miles on it. I would live to drive in to a car dealer and trade it in and not say anything but I’m not that big of a JERK even though I think that’s what happened to me when I bought it. I have had every shop in town look at it and been told that they wouldn’t have done anything different from what the first shop had done.