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Hyundai Sonata 2015 brake problems


Last year 2017, I bought a Hyundai sonata 2015 and it was also a display car since its the last unit that they have in the dealership. It has been a year and I have issues already. I never encountered these problems in any of the brand new cars I’ve used before.

I’m not also a very technical person when it comes to cars and my questions might sound stupid to some people so please bear with me :slight_smile:

1st issue: the first time I took the unit out of the dealership, the engine was so silent that I forgot to turn the engine it off. it happened twice, yes. after just a few weeks of using the car, it began to sound like an SUV or a VAN. the service center said its normal and nothing to worry about. So my question is, is it really normal?

2nd issue: this is probably why I’m here. every time i don’t use my car for 2-3 days and its on E-brake, the brakes are so sticky that it produces a sound like its dragging something down there. like 2 bones hitting each other. this will happen every time and it scares the hell out of me when I’m driving, it can take 10 to 30 mins of driving before it goes away. i tried bringing the car last june 2018 to the service center and they didn’t see any problems.

let me know if you’re having these issues too.


The regular Sonata has a direct injection engine (GDI) that is quite noisy, sounds like a diesel, I wonder if you have the Hybrid which in that case the silence is the product of the electric engine running at idle (instead of the gas engine).

On the brake issue, I think there might be some rust due to the car sitting on their lot for a while. Have them check it out and lube all the pins/moving parts. That is what the warranty is for.

thank you.

also, I noticed that if i don’t use the car for 1-2 days without the E-brake on, its fine when I drive it. but if its on e-brake and i left it for days then this will happen.

Rust can form very fast on brakes if the humidity level is high or its been raining.A few second of driving will remove that light film of rust.

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