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2003 Ford Ranger Lock issue

I love your show, especially the snorting laugh that you guys do, it gets me every time.

Anyways, I have a 2003 Ford Ranger with 64,000 miles and recently my lock has begun to make a strange sound when I use my remote control key to lock the door. It sounds like it’s trying to lock the door multiple times in rapid succession. If a normal lock makes a “jer” sound, then the new sound is a louder “jerjerjerj”. Hopefully that’s not too confusing. The lock still would lock even with the noise, but then a couple of days ago it started not locking, and I have to insert my key and manually lock the door. Any information would be appreciated.

If the battery is original, replace it. If not, let an auto parts store check the battery and alternator, free.
After that, if the problem continues, it’s a mechanic/automotive electrician thing.