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2003 ford ranger wont move

I have a manual transmission 2003 ford ranger , it sat over the long weekend and when I got into it today or would not move when in gear. Forward reverse nothing. I don’t think it’s the clutch because it stalls if you just let it out in any gear. It feels like the body is twisting when you give it gas and it rocks forward or backwards a tiny bit when you let the clutch ou a bit and give some gas. Any ideas ? The parking brake is not on but it was over the weekend. Could it be stuck ? I have no experience with cars so I am at a loss here.

Yeah, could definitely be a stuck parking brake, or a stuck service brake for that matter. If this were mine I’d put it in neutral and jack up each corner, and try to spin the wheels (chock the opposite wheel to the one you’re jacking up so it doesn’t roll off the jack and hurt you). Whichever one won’t spin, there’s your stuck brake.

Great thanks for the help I will give that a try

The transmission is likely in 2 gears at the same time. The top can be removed from the transmission and the forks put back in neutral and the shift lever repaired somewhat easily.
I believe that problem was discussed a few months ago. Search “shift forks”

If you went through water or snow before you parked it and set the brake, and it is below freezing now, your parking brake may be frozen. It will thaw out when the temps rise.

Yep I got in the car and pressed the parking break in abs out then gave it a few light taps with a hammer and it was let go. Thanks for the help !

Had an 03 Ranger, 1 instance the parking brake cable got slush fozen and stuck. Loosened it up and lubed it and was good. Another time I was selling it s I had bought another vehicle and the brakes rust locked up after being parked. So I kept driving it and it took quite a few miles before the rust spots left behind on the rotors wore down and stopped pulsating. Had an older ford truck at work the brakes would get locked after being parked jus 2 or 3 days. Maybe the wrong method but needed plenty of oomph to get them to break free.

I had the parking brake system freeze up on my truck before, similar symptom. I never tried the hammer method, just waited until a warmer time of day to become unstuck. Glad your hammer method got your Ranger back on the road OP. I’ve always liked the looks of those Ford Rangers. I saw one earlier today parked and was thinking what a nice looking truck they are.