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Wheels lock up

1 year ago bought a 2003 Ford Ranger 5-speed manual. For last two months I occasionally get a loud clang from the rear, with short locking of rear wheels and sudden lunge when accelerating from stop. I can also get occasional clang when cruising down city streets in fourth gear. Tonight when accelerating from stop wheels locked and no sudden kick in and lunge forward. Finally got truck to go and crawled home. I’ve taken the truck into my mechanic twice, but of course it performs perfectly normal when they drive it. And no, it isn’t just the way I drive. It’s an occasional problem but getting more serious. Any suggestions will be welcomed.

Your mechanic is a good driver. That’s nice but it isn’t fixing the problem.

It’s nice to know what transmission is in the car but there may be a brake problem or a lack of fluid in the rear axle housing. You probably have drum brakes in the rear.

Take it somewhere that checks fluids and opens drum brakes. Seeing beats driving.

I had an 03 and 2 weeks sitting the brakes locked up, and had to put a few miles on until the brakes were normal due to rust. Drive it every day 5 miles and it will be fine.