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I have a 2003 Ford Ranger with 90,000 miles. Every time I apply the brakes, when I slow down to just a couple miles per hour the anti-lock brakes kick in. before I come to a complete stop. I cleaned the front wheel sensors since there is a slight pull on the steering wheel to the left. But that didn’t help. Any Ideas?

I would look for a malfunctioning wheel sensor, not necessarily a dirty one.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Maybe the problem is not the ABS at all; it could be a brake pad/rotor issue, brake caliper issue, or even a suspension fault. (ball joint, etc.)

Last week I replaced the pads and rotors. But that didn’t help. I assumed it’s the ABS because the brake pedal pulsates and it makes the sound like the ABS. Even though the ABS or brake light on the dash has never come on. The last few feet of stopping… the truck just coasts for a few extra feet while it’s making that noise and the pedal pulsates. Thanks for the advice. I’ll check into the caliper and suspension.