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2003 ford ranger

My 2003 Ranger has started making a “dinging” sound that is similar to the ding it makes when I first turn the key.

This happen when I first start up and at random times while I drive. There is no “service engine soon” light on and nothing shows up on the computer analysis.

Does anyone know what this means?

It wouldn’t happen to be a series of five sets of five beeps would it?

If so, it is the warning that your SRS (airbag) has a problem and that the SRS warning light on the dash may not be working.

Do you have the same sounding ‘dinging’ when you have the ignition key on when you open a door? If so, I would check and/or clean (spray some electrical contact cleaner into) the switches.

I may well be wrong, but it’s a cheap start.

Sounds like a bad door ajar switch. Very common on Fords. Does the dome light stay on until you reach a certain speed? If so it’s probably the switch.

That’s it. Thanks!